This is a casual attempt to try and better document my thoughts on the various novels I read. Most of the books will be science fiction or fantasy novels though Scandinavian crime novels are a clearly separate and growing part of my personal reading preferences.

For baseball related thoughts, I can be found at Viva El Birdos or Future Redbirds, two sites dedicated to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Ratings are on a 1-5 scale and should be interpreted as follows:

1 – Hated the book. Generally, I will not have the willpower to trudge completely through a 1.
2 – Would not reccommend the book to others.
3 – Enjoyed the book. This is generally the threshold for me to keep a book or re-read it.
4 – An excellent book. These books are without major flaws and the positives greatly out weight the negatives.
5 – The elite set of books. It is my experience that less than 5% of the books I read will get this high of a rating.

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