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Orb Sceptre Throne

Ian C. Esslemont’s fourth novel in the Malazan world is titled Orb Sceptre Throne referencing the three central artifacts of power in the plot of the book. This novel finds itself on better footing than its predecessor, Stonewielder, almost from the first page. The book is helped by the geographic density of the plot. Where Stonewielder sprawled a continent, Orb Sceptre Throne finds itself largely located within the confines of the city of Darujhistan.

The addition of the Malazan deserters including Blend, Picker, Antsy and Spindle makes for a familiar set of faces and relationships. Esslemont handles the characters deftly and, as former Bridgeburners, they provide equal parts comic relief and brutal efficacy throughout the novel. It was fortuitous or prescient that Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon centered on the Bridgeburners as they have been the most consistent performers throughout the series. Nuanced and varied, even when they diverge, they consistently become the most interesting characters in the novel. Continue reading

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